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Chapter 4. Organizational Behavior > Identifying EHR/EMR Access Roles and Respo... - Pg. 113

Chapter 4: Organizational Behavior 113 Identifying EHR/EMR Access Roles and Responsibilities HI001 Objectives: 2.2 Identify EHR/EMR access roles and responsibilities. Medical roles, technical roles, business associate access and contractor access, access limitations based on role and exceptions, access based on sensitive patient data HIT technicians need to know who works in a hospital and where to find personnel in the hospital when they need support. For example, did you know a phlebotomist works with blood and is likely working in the lab? Hospitals have politics, same as many other industries, so you must know the role of the person you might be speaking with. However, regardless of the job role a person has, make sure in your role as a support personnel that you treat everyone with respect and urgency.