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Chapter 7. Adding to Your Movie: Titles,... > Map, Background, and Animatic Browse... - Pg. 127

Chapter 7. Adding to Your Movie: Titles, Maps, and Photos In this chapter, you learn how to add interactive maps to your movie. There are three types: Globe, Map, and Still. Each adds an element of fun and a great look. You'll also learn how to add titles and scrolling credits, background images, and still photos. Let's get started. In typical Apple style, iMovie adds style and good looks to your project. Titles and credits add a professional look, whereas scrolling credits let you wrap up your movie with style. Finally, animated maps in several styles let you detail your journey around town, around the country, or around the globe. It's all available in the Map, Background, and Animatic Browser. Let's open it and get started. Map, Background, and Animatic Browser The maps and backgrounds you'll add to your project are available from the Map, Background, and Animatic Browser. You'll use it to find the right effect for your movie. Here's how to access and use the Map, Background, and Animatic Browser. There are three ways to open the Map, Background, and Animatic Browser. You can select Map, Background, and Animatic from the Window menu or press Command-5 on your keyboard. The third method is to click the Map, Background, and Animatic button on iMovie's central toolbar. It looks like a globe and can be found on the far right (see Figure 7.1).