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Chapter 9. Creating Movie Themes and Tra... > Creating a Movie Trailer Project - Pg. 184

Creating Movie Themes and Trailers Each trailer is of a set duration ranging from 44 seconds long (for the Action trailer) to 1 minute and 30 sec- onds long (for the Love Story trailer). All trailers also come with their own soundtrack scored by the London Symphony Orchestra. (Apple really spared no expense designing this feature of iMovie.) The best type of trailer for your footage depends on the type of footage you shot. If you want to show off clips of your wedding and honeymoon, the Love Story trailer might be best. For footage from a trip of mountain climbing in the Tatra Mountains, the Adventure or Travel trailer might work best. In the end, however, you can use any type of footage in any trailer you make. Creating a Movie Trailer Project Creating a Movie Trailer project in iMovie is easy. When you create a new project you'll be presented with the New Project window. Part of that window is the Theme Chooser (refer to Figure 9.1). However, if you scroll past the available themes in the Theme Chooser, you'll notice a second header that says Movie Trailers. This is the Movie Trailers Chooser, and it's where you can choose which type of movie trailer you want to create (see Figure 9.11). Figure 9.11. The Movie Trailers Chooser allows you to select from among 15 types of trailers.