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Chapter 4. Editing and Assembling a Video - Pg. 66

Chapter 4. Editing and Assembling a Video In this chapter, you learn how to move video from the Event Library as described in Chapter 3, "Importing and Managing Your Video," into the Project Library to create a project. I also explain how to organize your projects into folders and add transitions to your clips. Let's get started. iMovie offers near pro-level video editing to home users like you and me. It's a powerful application that makes the process fun. Soon it will affect the way you shoot video, too, as you search for establishing shots and other clips that fit well together. When your video is imported, you'll organize it with the Events Library, work on it with the Project Library, and fine-tune your changes with the Precision Editor. In this chapter, I explain each. The Project Library The Project Library organizes and provides access to all your iMovie projects. It provides useful, at-a-glance information like a project's name, duration, frame rate, and modification date. You can also quickly preview a project from within the Project Library. Figure 4.1 provides an overview of the Project Library. Figure 4.1. A look at several projects in the Project Library.