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Chapter Eleven. I Got the Music in Me: U... > Repeating a Song or Playlist

Repeating a Song or Playlist


Start playing the song that you want to repeat or a song from the playlist that you want to repeat. Tap on the album art and you’ll notice a little circular arrows button at the bottom left of the progress bar (circled above in red). This allows you to turn on Repeat. There are two modes to Repeat: Tapping the Repeat button once will repeat the entire playlist after all the songs have been played. Tapping the Repeat button again will show the circular arrow Repeat button with a 1 on it. This means that the current song will repeat over and over until you stop it. Tap the Repeat button one more time to turn Repeat off.

iTip: Playing Songs by Artist

If you’re in the mood to hear some Heart but you didn’t create a specific Heart playlist, just tap the Artists button at the bottom of the screen for a list of all your artists then tap Heart. You’ll see a choice between All Songs and their individual albums (if you only have one album for that artist, then you’ll just see the songs). You’ll see a list of albums even if you don’t have all the songs on any of the given albums. You can tap All Songs to see a list of all the songs you have by that artist and then tap on a song to play them or you can tap a specific album to just play the songs on that album.


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