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Chapter Six. Surfin’ Safari: Using Safar... > Saving Webpages to Read Later - Pg. 110

The iPhone Book Saving Webpages to Read Later If you see a webpage you'd like to read, but you just don't have the time right this minute, then just tap the center button at the bottom of the Safari browser (the square button with the arrow), then tap Add to Reading List on the menu that pops up, and it saves that page for later. To see the pages you've saved to your Reading List, just tap on the Book marks button (at the bottom of your browser--its icon looks like an open book), and at the top of the list of Bookmarks, you'll see Reading List (with a pair of glasses to the left of it). Tap on that to see the list. Note: It just saves the link to these pages. You can't read them offline--you'll need to have Internet access to get to them. iTip: Open Links in the Background When you tap-and-hold on a link in the Safari browser, a pop-up menu lets you open that link on a new page, but if you'd prefer to stay on the same page, and let that new page load in the background (so you can go to it when you're ready, and its fully downloaded), then just go to the Settings app, scroll down, and tap on Safari. Tap on Open Links, and choose In Background. That's all there is to it, and now you'll get the choice to Open in Background. 110