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Chapter One. Can You Be a Successful Ent... > Two Common Paths to Entrepreneurial ... - Pg. Vol2-5

C AN Y OU B E A S UCCESSFUL E NTREPRENEUR ? Key Definitions First, let's agree on some key definitions used throughout the book. · An entrepreneur is anyone who actually starts a new business. Note we said start--not think about, not consider--but actually do it. Entrepreneurs are doers. "To do is to be."--Socrates "To be is to do."--Plato · Entrepreneurship is the process of building a business. This process is an "act­learn­do it better" process. Entrepreneurs learn as they go. This learning is iterative and incremental. · A customer is anyone with unmet needs who has enough money to pay someone else to meet those needs. · Price is the amount of money you get paid to do something for a customer--or the amount of money a customer is willing to pay you