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Preface > Who Is This Book Written For? - Pg. Vol3-ix

PREFACE H ave you ever caught yourself daydreaming while at work and wondering if what you're doing is all you'll achieve in your career? Or has your heart ever ached to meet a certain desire, like completing work that you truly enjoy, being your own boss, making more money, or being home when your kids get out of school? These types of thoughts and desires confront people every day-- even those with seemingly perfect jobs. In response, most people just sigh or shrug and accept life as it is. But not always. A growing num- ber of people from all walks of life are starting their own businesses as a way of improving their lives. In fact, there are roughly 15 mil- lion self-employed people in the United States today. But there is a problem. The problem is that because some business owners have hit it rich and made a large impact on society, there is a growing tenden- cy to view business owners as bigger-than-life and place them in the