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4. Being Design Driven > Positive Examples of Design-Driven Companies

Positive Examples of Design-Driven Companies

Sticking with some big names for a moment, we have BMW, IKEA, Nike, and Samsung. The IKEA business concept is a terrific case in point. Its catalogue and user manual enable customers to do their own interior design and assemble the furniture—all part of its value to the customer. Instead of just being a consumer, the customer becomes a coproducer or cocreator, filled with an experience of achievement.

Now let's look to a big-name company that, while it may not be exactly like your own, made a dynamic shift from business as usual to become a design-driven company. We speak here of Samsung, where there are lessons for us all.

Design for the Seoul—Samsung's Turnaround

In 2006, BusinessWeek rated Samsung as 20th on the top 100 global brands list and number 1 in the electronics industry. Business Week also placed Samsung as number 12 in a ranking of the "Top 100 Most Innovative Companies" in a special report published on April 24, 2006. In January 2007, BrandFinance ranked the company as the number-one global brand in electronics. Yet as recently as 15 years ago, some regarded Samsung as just a second-tier manufacturer of cheap electronics. What happened?


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