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2. Get and Use Apps > Customize the Home Screen - Pg. 60

60 The iPad Pocket Guide, Third Edition Customize the Home Screen I introduced the Home screen in Chapter 1 and mentioned how you can swipe each screenful of apps to find what you're looking for. What I didn't mention was that you can move the apps between screens and organize apps into folders, so you don't have to swipe several times to get a frequently used app that appears on the last screen. It's also possi- ble to change the background image to personalize your iPad. On the iPad 1. Touch and hold any app for a second until the apps begin to shake. 2. Drag an app you want to move to a different position on the screen. Or, to move an app to another screen, drag it to the left or right edge of the screen and hold it there. After a moment, the screen advances and you still have control over positioning the app. 3. Lift your finger to drop the app in place. 4. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen's normal mode. The apps in the Dock at the bottom of each Home screen remain the same, no matter which screen you're viewing. Put your most frequently used apps there. t ip Organize apps into folders On the original iPad, my apps were strewn across nine Home screens. I moved my most frequently used apps to the first two or three screens, but even then I got sick of swiping to access apps. Now, my iPad is down to three Home screens, thanks to the ability to put related apps into groups that Apple calls folders.