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Preface - Pg. xxvii

Preface This is the iOS Cookbook you've been waiting for! Last year, when iOS 4 debuted, my editor and I had a hard decision to make: Publish the book on iOS 4 and don't include Xcode 4 material, or hold off until Apple released Xcode 4.We chose to hold off for Xcode 4, feeling that many people would expect to see it covered in the book.What we couldn't anticipate, however, is that Apple's NDA would last until Spring 2011, and we knew iOS 5 was right around the corner. Stuck between a rock and an iOS release, we decided to update the book to iOS 4.3 and to release that as an ebook-only version (that is, we aren't planning to print that edi- tion--ever).The reason for doing an electronic-only edition on iOS 4.3 was so develop- ers who wanted that info could still have access to it. Once that update was finished and iOS 5 was introduced at WWDC, I quickly turned my attention to updating--and expanding--the cookbook for iOS 5.This is the version you're currently reading. Finally! This edition, The iOS 5 Developer's Cookbook, carries through with the promise of the subtitle: Core Concepts and Essential Recipes for iOS Programmers.That means this book covers what you need to know to get started. For someone who's just starting out as an iOS developer, this is the ideal book because it covers the tools (Xcode and Interface Builder), the language (Objective-C), and the basic elements common to pretty much every iOS app out there (table views, custom controls, split views, and the like). But we're not stopping there. Mid-October 2011 is our cutoff date for getting the book to production this year.While the book is in production, I'll continue writing and