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4. Examining an Email’s Body Parts > Main Call to Action - Pg. 61

C hapter 4 E xa mi n i n g a n E ma i l ' s Bo d y P a rts 61 rant a place to categorize what's included in the newsletter. Many traditional media companies that are making the transition to email marketing include a TOC. Some habits are hard to break. We're not suggesting a TOC is good or bad; just that sometimes it's part of an email, and sometimes it's not. The TOC is a good idea if you pack a lot of information in your newsletter, as MarketingProfs does (see Figure 4.5 ). Having multiple sections, stories, coupons, or information requires a bit of navigation, so a TOC helps users find what they're really interested in. Using anchor tags, which most email marketing software com- panies enable you to add to an email, the link in the TOC will actually scroll the user's browser down to that section. The email might appear as if it is a microsite in and of itself, but nonetheless helps the reader get where they want to go. We'll talk a bit more about anchor tags in Chapter 6 , "The Meat and Potatoes."