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Section 4. ASA Network Integration > Transparent Firewalling - Pg. 86

[ 86 ] Section 4: ASA Network Integration Transparent Firewalling The Cisco ASA can operate in two modes: routed and transparent. Routed mode is the default mode, and this is where the ASA acts as a Layer 3 device, requiring an IP address on each interface from a different Layer 3 subnet. The ASA in routed mode operates like a router and makes the firewalling decisions while the packets traverse from one ASA interface to another ASA interface. Transparent mode is where the ASA acts like a Layer 2 bridge. In transparent mode, the ASA is based on MAC addresses, and it will no longer sit on the perimeter between subnets; instead, it acts as a transparent bridge. An ASA running in transparent mode differs from routed mode in the following ways: NOTE When you switch modes between routed and trans- Supports only two interfaces Requires only one IP address