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Meet the iPad (third generation) > Search Using Spotlight - Pg. 37

1. Double-press the Home button, or swipe up with four fingers, to reveal the multitasking bar. 2. Swipe left to right to view the iPad's audio playback, volume, and brightness controls. You should also see an AirPlay button to the right of the fast-forward button. 3. Tap the AirPlay button and choose the Apple TV on your network. 4. Set the Mirroring option to On (Figure 28). Figure 28. Start mirroring the iPad's screen. SearchUsingSpotlight Even the smallest-capacity iPad model stores a lot of information. To locate something quickly, go to the Home screen and swipe to the right. (If you're in any Home screen, you can also press the Home button twice; one press takes you to the first Home screen, and the second opens the Spotlight screen. Don't be too quick about the two button presses, though, or you'll open the multitasking bar.) Type some text into the Search field to bring up results, sorted by apps (Figure 29). Tap the one you want to jump to it. If you don't find what you're looking for, tap the Search Web or Search Wikipedia options to view those search results in Safari. Figure 29. Spotlight search results To quickly erase a term and start over, tap the cancel (X) button to the right of the Search field.