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Meet the iPad (third generation) > Browse the Web - Pg. 38

Tip Spotlight also matches app names when you search, so if you have dozens of apps and don't want to navigate to the screen containing the one you want, simply perform a Spotlight search to locate and launch it. BrowsetheWeb Web browsers on smartphones have always been pretty terrible. The iPhone demonstrated that it's possible to render a Web site that doesn't need to be custom programmed to be readable on a mobile device. However, even that didn't prove to be 100 percent accurate, because although Safari on the iPhone can render a page as it would appear in a desktop Web browser, the screen size is still a limitation, leading many sites to adjust their code to accommodate. The iPad is almost all screen, with a version of Safari that displays Web sites just as you'd see them on your Mac or Windows PC. We no longer wonder or marvel at how we get information online--we just get it. AccessWebsites Tap the Safari icon on the Home screen to launch the iPad's Web browser. (As soon as you try to access a Web site in Safari, the program checks for an Internet connection. If one isn't found, the iPad asks if you want to join a nearby Wi-Fi network.)