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Meet the iPad (third generation) > View Photos - Pg. 39

Tip You don't need to type "http://" at the front of a URL in the Address field. Safari adds that automatically when contacting the site. 3. Tap the Go key in the onscreen keypad or a suggested address in the popover. After a few seconds, the page appears. To read the site's content, flick or drag the page in any direction to scroll it. If you'd like to enlarge an area, double-tap that spot to zoom in--Safari smartly figures out how much zoom to apply based on the page's layout. You can also spread two fingers to enlarge manually. Double- tap or pinch to zoom back out. To follow a link to another page, simply tap the text or image that is linked. You can return to the previous page by tapping the Back button in the toolbar. Tip To quickly jump to the top of a Web page, tap the status bar at the top of the screen. (This shortcut works in most apps.)