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15 Testing one, two –The soundcheck


Testing one, two – The soundcheck

When everything is set up and ready to go there should be a soundcheck involving all of the crew and artists that will work on the show. There are occasions when this isn't always necessary, such as running the same show for several nights in the same venue or on fast-changeover festivals. If there is a change in the show, even a small one, another soundcheck should be done.


Soundcheck time

The idea is to get all of the systems involved running correctly and as they will be during the show, or very close to it. An empty venue will sound somewhat different to one with a full audience but we just have to live with that. A priority during soundcheck is to make sure the artists all have a good monitoring set up and are happy with the sound of their monitor mixes. It's much easier to get this right during soundcheck, when any feedback problems onstage can be fixed without the audience hearing them. The out-front sound will also be sorted out and any necessary lighting cues or stage marks can be finalized. If anyone is unhappy with his/her sound then now is the time to address the problem. If you are working on a tour it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with as many aspects of the show as possible just in case you need to help out in other areas. Always pay attention to what's going on during t....


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