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Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION TO SAMPLING > 1.4 Other expectations - Pg. 16

Audio Sampling 1.3.8 Project manager Along with the GUI, a file browser/project manager is a common expectation. Not all samplers have capable project managers, but if you plan to be working with a large number of audio files, this is a feature that you should consider a priority. A project manager doesn't mean a simple list of the files that are a part of each project; it includes a hierarchical display of all files, search features, file information lists, and metadata storage and recall to help with the management of the files in a sampler. For simpler sampling projects, a complex file manager might not be useful, because you have far fewer files to work with. But if the number of files you will be dealing with is quite large, then it is highly recommended that you have a fully functional and feature-rich manager. 1.4 Other expectations There are other expectations that are sampler type­depen- dent. Hardware samplers have different features than soft-