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Audio Sampling plays back the beginning of the file and reads the rest from the hard drive. This allows a more efficient sample loading before playback, and it also provides time for the sampler to load the rest of the files without taking up too much RAM. Sample streaming allows samplers to use long audio files without being limited by RAM. 1.6 Benefits to using samplers without creating your own instruments It is possible to take advantage of the power of samplers without ever creating your own instruments. Even if you would like to create an instrument at some point, you can still use the sampler's default sounds and available expan- sion packs. Keep in mind that most people who create sampled instruments also use samples made by other people. There are good reasons to forgo the sampling process and capitalize on the efforts of individuals and companies who create samples. The reasons to use other people's samples instead of creating them yourself include achieving immediate results, accessing hard-to-find sound sources, and taking advantage of an indi- vidual's or company's professional experience in sample cre- ation. Creating sampled instruments is not usually a short process. Creating a complex instrument can take many hours of planning, recording, editing, mapping, and tweaking. Many projects will use multiple sampled instruments, and you will not likely have the time to create every instrument yourself; it just isn't a realistic expectation. Along with the time requirements, you might not even have access to the sound source that you wish to re-create with a sampler. If you want to create a sampled Stradivarius, then you need a Stradivarius. Since a Stradivarius violin can be worth mil- lions of dollars, it is unlikely that most sampler enthusiasts would have access to one. Lastly, there are professionals who create sample banks for a living. It is possible for you to create a professional-quality instrument, but mastering the skills required will take time and personal investment. If you need 26