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1.1 What is sampling? > 1.1 What is sampling? - Pg. 3

Introduction to Sampling As we move through this book, look for website information icons. These icons indicate that there are additional resources, including explanations, illustrations, and/or associated audio/video clips on www. type of sampler to purchase and use. Even if you are only interested in using sample libraries and not interested in creating your own sampled instrument, this book will help you to understand the sampling process and to use your samples in an effective manner. Sampling is an effective tool because it uses a representative portion of a sound source to re-create the sound in an easily storable and recallable format. While a sampler is not able to reproduce most sound sources with the same level of varia- tion as the original, it is able to achieve realistic results. The level of detail depends on how many samples are recorded and mapped into the sampler. It also depends on the specific sampler capabilities. Some samplers have features that allow for a higher level of realism. A realistic performance using a sampler depends less on the samples and the sampler capa- bilities and more on the performer's abilities. In the end, the sampler is still only an instrument that can make no music by itself. The realism and musicality of a sampler depends