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2.12 Grounding > 2.12 Grounding - Pg. 55

Making Connections phases (+/­) are combined, they cancel each other out. They are exact opposites (180 degrees out of phase). Unbalanced cables are more susceptible to inductive interfer- ence. The unbalanced transmission cable has one conductor and a shield. The single conductor is carrying the positive (+) side of the electronic circuit, and the shielding is sharing the negative (-) side with the ground. The RCA, TS, and the BNC connectors are perfectly appropriate for this transmission format. Because the negative (-) side of the circuit is traveling on the shielding, it is effectively unprotected from inductive interferences, and therefore best used for short transmission distances. Shielding is the only effective way to protect the conductors and the device circuitry from radio frequency (RF) interfer- ence. If you hear "ghost" signals of radio broadcasts in your program, it means that the integrity of the transmission is improperly shielded. It could be faulty connections, shield- ing, or cables.