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Chapter 6: CREATING THE INSTRUMENT > 6.4 An example of mapping - Pg. 159

Creating the Instrument editor is able to change the samples until they sound more consistent, but this is often not possible. It may be difficult to match the sound when rerecording samples the second time around, due to equipment differences, temperature differ- ences, and humidity differences. Be willing to compromise when needed. An excellent method of checking your sampled instrument is through a MIDI test sequence. MIDI data can be sequenced to trigger every aspect of your sampled instrument. A test sequence can test each individual note though all 127 veloci- ties. It can also test every note on a specific velocity through every range. Testing out the instrument in this way is a good method to see how consistent each zone is. Once you have run the tests, you will have an idea of what remains to be tweaked. MIDI test sequence 6.4 An example of mapping Let's take an imaginary example through the entire mapping