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Chapter 7: USING SAMPLES > 7.2 Musical instrumentation - Pg. 172

Audio Sampling In the same way that controller numbers are adjustable on the keyboard controllers themselves, the parameters that the user wishes to control can also be adjusted to react to a speci- fied controller number. With many software instruments, they can be attached to the controller number by specifying that they be attached to the next controller number message that they receive. Once the controller is moved, the parameter is "learned," and so this feature is often called MIDI Learn. The controller controls the associated parameter until further changes are made. Since MIDI sequencers record MIDI data, such as note on, velocity, and note off data, they can also record controller data. It is generally helpful to record the controller data on a different track of the MIDI sequencer, so that the controller's data can be muted or edited easily. Sequencers allow the user to quantize and edit the MIDI data, and con- troller messages can be edited in the same way. Most sequencers allow controller data to be drawn in with various