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About the Web site - Pg. xxv

About the Web site The Web site contains the entire sound edit for "Loves Devotion Forever". We will be using this sound edit and mix as an example of the techniques covered in each chapter. The project files require Pro Tools version 7.0 or greater and use QuickTime playback. They can be opened on M, LE, or HD systems. The projects on the Web site are the OMF import, the final M and E (music and effects stems), and final delivery to the mix stage on the Brooks/Kodak 35 mm project "Loves Devotion Forever". The projects are compressed to 44.1 K 16-bit audio and highly compressed QuickTime video. These settings are for the demo project only, and these settings would never be used on an actual film/video project. The actual project was 48 K 24 bit with a DV format QuickTime video. Because the video is compressed, and no longer in DV format, it will not play to the video monitor through a DV firewire device but it must be played on the computer monitor. If you have three computer monitors or a wall sized LCD screen, you will find this expectable; the rest of the world will feel rather cramped. The OMF import is how the project was delivered from the picture editor. The OMF file was opened with Digitranslator. This step has already been done for