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13 Backgrounds and Sets > Basic Organization - Pg. 212

PART 4 Lighting, Backgrounds, and Sets The background is much more than "whatever happens to appear behind the subject." It directly affects the suc- cess of the program, and thus it needs to be carefully designed and controlled. Scenery can range in practice from a simple backdrop to extensive construction, but effective design is important to the success of any show (Figure 13.1). THE INFLUENCE OF THE TELEVISION BACKGROUND Television shows are shot in a wide range of locations: people's homes, offices, factories, rooms, public buildings, studios, streets, and wide-open spaces. Where we shoot the program may be vital (contextually relevant) to what we want to tell our audience, or it can be merely incidental. To some extent, the importance of the set depends on the director, the way the subject is approached, and the chosen style and form. Effective backgrounds or sets are more a matter of making wise choices than having a big budget. Surroundings have a considerable influence on how we feel about what we are seeing and hearing. It is not just a matter of choosing a background that looks appropriate or attractive, but determining whether its impact on the audience is right for the specific points being made FIGURE 13.1 This television set was designed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corpora- tion (CBC) to show off the context of the Beijing Olympics, with two rec- ognizable buildings in the background (the Olympic