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19 The Studio Production > Cueing - Pg. 332

PART 6 Production Techniques to the most complicated instructions from the FM, or an earpiece intercom without the blink of an eye, even under the most difficult conditions--and yet maintain cool command of the situation. Comments, timing and conti- nuity changes, item cuts, and ad-libbing and padding are taken in stride. The professional can usually make full use of a tele- prompter displaying the script--this requires that cam- eras must be within reading distance. The talent can play to specific cameras for specific shots, making allowances for lighting problems (e.g., shadowing) or camera moves (Figure 19.7). FIGURE 19.7 Familiar with the studio process, professional talent like Brad Pitt and Conan O'Brien can respond to the most complicated instructions from the floor manager. (Photo courtesy of NBC- CUEING To ensure that action begins and ends at the instant it is required, precise cueing is essential. If you cut to performers and then cue them, you will see them waiting to begin or watch action spring into life. Cue them too early before cutting and action has already begun. Wrong cueing leaves talent bewildered. If they have finished their contribution and you have not cut away to the next shot, they may stand there with egg on their face, so to speak, wondering whether to ad lib or just grin!