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6 The Script and Production Plan > Suggestions on Scriptwriting - Pg. 81

CHAPTER 6 The Script and Production Plan Stage or location instructions: (The room is candlelit and a log fire burns brightly.) Action: Basic information on what is going to happen in the scene, such as actors' moves (Joe gets in the car). Dialogue: Speaker's name (character) followed by their dialogue. All delivered speech, voiceover, voice inserts (for example, phone conversation), commentary, announcements, and so on. (Perhaps with directional comments such as "sadly" or "sarcastically.") (See Figure 6.2.) Effects cues: Indicating the moment for a change to take place (lightning flash, explosion, Joe switches light out). Audio instructions: music and sound effects. FIGURE 6.2 Talent discuss and rehearse the script for the opening of a sports event for ESPN. The director usually listens to the rehearsal to give The camera script adds full details of the production treat- ment to the left side of the rehearsal script, and usually includes: The shot number. The camera used for the shot and possibly the position of the camera. Basic shot details and camera moves (CU on Joe. Dolly back to LS as he rises.) Switcher instructions (cut, dissolve, etc.).