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Sound Emphasis > Sound Emphasis - Pg. 345

CHAPTER 20 Production Style discussions, interviews, newscasts, music, game shows), whereas without video, the production can still communicate. Audio can explain or support the image, enriching its impact or appeal. Music or effects can suggest locale (seashore sounds), or a situation (pursuing police siren heard), or conjure a mood (excitement, foreboding, comedy, horror). A nonspecific picture can be given a definite significance through associated sound. Depend- ing on accompanying music, a display of flowers may suggest springtime, a funeral, a wedding, or a ballroom. Sound Elements VOICE The most obvious sound element, the human voice, can be introduced into the production in several different ways: A single person addressing the camera, formally or informally. An off-screen commentator (voiceover) providing a narrative (documentary), or the spontaneous commentary used for a televised sports event. We may "hear the thoughts" of a character (reminiscent or explanatory narration) while watching the talent's silent face, or watching the subject of the thoughts. Dialogue--the informal natural talk between people, with all its hesitance, inter- ruptions, breaking off, overlapping, and the more regulated exchanges of formal