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Basic Organization > The Studio Plan - Pg. 213

CHAPTER 13 Backgrounds and Sets various specialists, who consider shot opportunities for cameras, performer action, and moves, and the various lighting, audio pickup, camera treatment, costumes, makeup, and technical requirements. In such an inter- dependent venture, teamwork is essential. The Studio Plan The basis for much of the organization is the standard printed studio plan, which shows the studio's permanent staging area with such features and facilities as exits, tech- nical supplies, cycloramas, service and storage areas, and the like (Figure 13.3). The Floor Plan Also known as the staging plan, ground plan, or set plan, the floor plan is a rough plan of the staging layout that usually begins with drawing potential scale outlines of settings, including their main features--windows, doors, stairways. Ensure that there is enough room for cameras, sound booms, and lighting (Figure 13.4).