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Fully Scripted Shows > Full Script - Pg. 76

PART 2 The Process, Script, and Production Plan Table 6.3 The Rehearsal Script SCENE 3 INT/EXT INT LOCATION LOUNGE TIME OF DAY NIGHT (GEORGE ENTERS, WALKS TO TABLE, SWITCHES ON LAMP.) GEORGE: (CALLS) The lights are okay in here. It must be your lamp. (GEORGE TAKES GUN FROM DRAWER.) SLIPS IT INTO HIS POCKET: PULLING OUT TELEGRAM. HOLDS IT UP. "SORRY CANNOT COME WEEKEND, BRIAN SICK, WRITING . . . JUDY." (HAND WADS IT UP, THROWS IT INTO FIRE.) (DOOR OPENS: EILEEN ENTERS.) EILEEN: Really, these people are not good. They promised to be here tonight. Look how late . . . GEORGE: It's probably the storm that has delayed them. They'll be here all right. (EILEEN SITS ON COUCH: GEORGE JOINS HER.)