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Microphone Characteristics > Microphone Pickup Methods - Pg. 244

PART 5 Recording and Editing the Production FIGURE 15.7 The omnidirectional pickup pattern is equally sensitive in all directions, generally rugged, and not too susceptible to impact shock. This mic cannot distinguish between direct and reflected sounds, so it must be placed close to the sound source. (Image courtesy of Sennheiser) FIGURE 15.8 The directional (or cardioid) mic pickup pattern. This broad, heart-shaped pickup pattern (roughly 160 degrees) is insensitive on its rear side. (Image courtesy of Sennheiser) FIGURE 15.9 A super-cardioid (or highly directional) pickup pattern is used wherever you want extremely selective pickup, to avoid environmental noises, or for distance sources. (Image courtesy of Sennheiser) The advantage of an omnidirectional mic (Figure 15.7) is that it can pick up sound equally