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Multicamera Techniques > Program Opening - Pg. 312

PART 6 Production Techniques Table 18.1 Arranging the Shot (Continued) Specific objectives Is the presentation to be straightforward or dramatic? Do we want to indicate subject strength or weakness? Do we aim to reveal, conceal, mislead, puzzle? What effect, mood, atmosphere are we seeking: businesslike, clinical, romantic, sinister? Does the shot relate successfully to the previous and subsequent shots? Program Opening Establishing shots, usually a long or extreme long shot, introduce the scene and the action, setting the mood and influencing the audience's frame of mind toward what you have to say and show. There are many different types of openings. THE FORMAL START A "Good evening" or "Hello" introduces the show and moves into the content. Whether the presenter appears casual, reverent, indifferent, or enthusiastic can create an ambience directly influencing the audience's attitude.