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CHAPTER 1 An Overview of Television Production In some situations, a multicamera setup is the best solution for shooting the action effectively. (This is when the cameras are controlled by a production team in a separate control room.) At other times, the director may choose to stand beside a single camera, guiding each shot from a nearby video monitor (Figure 1.3). PLANNING AND PERFORMANCE In order to create a smooth-flowing live television pro- duction, the director needs to understand the event; for example, what is going to happen next, where people are going to stand, what they are going to do, their moves, what they are going to say, and so on. Although there will be situations in which the director has no option but to extemporize and select shots spontaneously, quality results are more likely when action and camera treatment are planned in advance. In more complex productions, it is usually necessary for performers and crews to work fol- lowing a production schedule, which is based on the script. This serves as a regulatory frame- work throughout the show. Action and dialogue are rehearsed to allow the production team to check their camera shots, lighting, set sound levels, FIGURE 1.3 Directors using a single camera often guide the shot by viewing the cam- era image on a monitor. x