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The Multicamera Shoot > The Multicamera Shoot - Pg. 136

PART 3 Visualizing the Story Some people on a single-camera shoot prefer to travel light, setting off with just a camcorder, a spare battery, and record- ing media. However, for peace of mind, there's a lot to be said for using a systematic checklist routine. This list can be as brief or comprehensive as you like, including whatever gear you personally find invaluable on that kind of project. (The item that you'll need in an emergency is sure to be the one you've left behind!) Lists also help to avoid losses when hurriedly repacking equipment after a shoot (Table 8.2). The Multicamera Shoot Whether you are working out on a remote location or in a television studio, you will find that all multicamera set- ups have a common theme. Unlike a single-camera unit, FIGURE 8.8 The ENG viewfinder is specifically designed for handheld cameras. (Photo courtesy of Panasonic) Table 8.2 Have You Forgotten Anything? Camcorder Standard zoom lens