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The Target Audience > The Target Audience - Pg. 54

PART 2 The Process, Script, and Production Plan Are there specific production styles that this audience favors? Teens lean toward an MTV television style, yet older viewers may appreciate a CBS Sunday Morning News production style. The target audience should determine your program's coverage and style. It is self-evident that the sort of program you would make for a group of content experts would be very different than one made for young children (Figure 5.2). FIGURE 5.2 The intended audience should determine how the director covers the subject. In this situation, generally a younger crowd would favor a different style of coverage than elderly people. (Photo by Paul Dupree) The conditions under which the audience is going to watch the program are important too. Today, most video programs are not made to be broadcast. They are viewed as DVDs or streamed into homes, classrooms, corporate offices, and many other locations. So the wise director tries to anticipate these conditions because they can considerably affect the way the program is produced. How and where is your audience going to see the program (Figure 5.3)? Consider: Will they be watching a traditional television screen in their homes? Will they be a seated group of students watching a large screen in a darkened classroom? Will the viewer be watching a streamed video over the Internet while at the office? Will the program be viewed on an iPod while riding in a car (Figure 5.4)? Will the video be projected on large screens next to a stage in order to help the viewers see the stage action? This is known as image magnification (I-mag). 54 How will your audience view your production? Historically, television productions were cre- ated for a moderately sized television set. Today, you need to know what medium your audience will be watching, as it signifi- cantly impacts how the production is made. FIGURE 5.3 Different ways to watch television. Photos by Panasonic, Jon Cypher and You Tube.