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Television Production > The Illusion of Reality - Pg. 4

PART 1 The Foundations of Television Production TELEVISION PRODUCTION Although the television medium has experienced transforming technical changes in the past few years, it is important to keep in mind that the key to great television is still storytelling. As equipment has evolved and become increasingly adaptable, production techniques have also evolved in order to take advantage of new opportunities. Equipment Has Become Simpler to Use You've probably already discovered how even inexpensive consumer high-definition (HD) camcorders can produce extremely detailed images under a wide range of condi- tions (Figure 1.1). Camera circuitry automatically adjusts and compensates to give you the best picture. A photog- rapher needs to do little more than point the camera, fol- low the subject, and zoom in and out. To pick up audio, we can simply clip a small lavaliere microphone onto a person's jacket, give them a handheld microphone, or just use the microphone attached to the camera. As for light- ing, today's cameras are so sensitive that they work in day- light or whatever artificial light happens to be around. So where's the mystery? Why do we need to study television/ video techniques? Today, anyone can get results.