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The Production Crew > Members of the Production Crew - Pg. 19

CHAPTER 2 The People Who Make It Happen subsequently directing the studio operations and postpro- duction editing. More often, the producer serves as the business head of a production and is thus responsible for organization, finance, and policy, serving as the artistic and business coordinator for several directors. As productions have become increasingly costly and more complicated, the workload needs to be spread out. The director is then free to concentrate on the program's interpretation, as well as the staging and direction of the subject being presented. The common thread between all of these different produc- tion types is that the director is responsible for telling the story, whether it is a dramatic show or a sports production. A knowledge of visual storytelling is essential (Figure 2.4). FIGURE 2.4 A common diagram of how a television production crew works. x Members of the Production Crew Although (as mentioned before) crew members' job descriptions may vary from company to company, this sections provides some of the most common descriptions. Please note that some responsibilities differ between various types of programming, different companies, and different countries. For example, the producer's role in a dramatic production is different from the producer's role in sports. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER