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The Production Switcher > Digital Video Effects - Pg. 40

PART 1 The Foundations of Television Production Synchronized Movements with the Virtual Set In order to use a moving or zooming camera during a production that uses a virtual set, the inserted imagery must move in synchronization with the camera. (See Figure 3.27.) Otherwise, the set (background) would stay the same size, no matter which camera was used, which creates a very unrealistic-looking set situation. Some form of a servo link is required to ensure that both operate in exact synchronism. Then, as the cam- era moves, proportional changes will be seen in both subject and background pictures. The combined results in the composite are completely realistic. Precise infor- mation is required about the camera's floor position, height, shooting angle, and lens angle and must be fed into a computer, which correspondingly adjusts the background source. Even slight changes in the subject camera require the entire background picture to be instantly recalculated and redrawn to correspond if the composite is to be compatible. Entire scenic environ- ments can be created artificially to enhance these shots. The background can be derived from a camera shooting, FIGURE 3.27