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CHAPTER 3Improving Your Photos -Basic Ed... > CHAPTER 3Improving Your Photos -Basi... - Pg. 63

Improving Your Photos ­ Basic Editing You can also rate images in Express Lab ­ just click on the stars in the bottom left corner to apply a one- to five-star rating to each photo. Before you exit Express Lab make sure to save your changes by clicking the Save or Save As button on the left of the tool strip. It's rarely the case that you'll need to apply exactly the same edits to a folder of photos, even if they were all taken at the same time. If you're cropping photos, for example, you obviously won't be selecting exactly the same area in each one. And even when making tonal and color adjustments, different images usually require slightly different settings to get the best results. Sometimes, though, you'll want to do exactly the same thing to a batch of images. For example, you might want to prepare some images for your website by reducing the size, you might have a folder of photos that were taken at a high ISO setting and are in need of noise removal, or you might want to convert a folder of photos to black and white and apply an Effects filter. |