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CHAPTER 3Improving Your Photos -Basic Ed... > Technique: Sharpening Photos Using t... - Pg. 97

Improving Your Photos ­ Basic Editing | Technique: Sharpening Photos Using the High Pass Sharpen Filter The High Pass Sharpen filter is a real lifesaver with certain kinds of images. While Unsharp Mask does a fantastic job 90% of the time, as we've seen, it's indiscriminate and can create problems, or at least make existing ones more obvious. The kinds of photos you should avoid unsharp masking include: · · · · Those taken on a high ISO setting (400 and above) which will, depending on how good your camera is, display at least some visible noise. Photos that were badly exposed and have had a large tonal correction applied using Smart Photo Fix, Histogram Adjustment, or one of the other tonal adjustment tools. Photos with high JPEG compression applied, either because they were taken using a low-quality camera setting, or have subsequently been recompressed using a low-quality JPEG setting. Photos that are well exposed, of a high quality and fine in every other respect,