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Removing Scratches and Blemishes from Sc... > Removing Scratches and Blemishes fro... - Pg. 103

Image Manipulation ­ Beyond the Basics Once the scan is made, open the file in PaintShop Photo Pro and enlarge the file to between 200% and 400%. Do you see dust specks that weren't there in the original? They probably were there, but were just too small to be noticed. If you are planning to enlarge and print to A3, or bigger, you might need to run one, or more, of PaintShop Photo Pro's clean-up filters over the file to improve the quality. Here's how: open the picture and crop to suit. Many scanners are more than generous with their flatbed scan areas, adding extra `real estate' to the edges of the print or transparency. Select the Crop tool from the Tools toolbar and, when the Crop Box appears, drag it to the required dimensions and click the Apply button (to maintain the aspect ratio use the Maintain Aspect Ratio checkbox in the tool's Options palette). Assess the damage. Enlarge the file to 400% or 500% by clicking on the picture with the Zoom tool (keyboard shortcut `Z'; left-click or push your mouse wheel forward with your index finger to zoom in on the affected area) and, using the Pan tool (keyboard shortcut `A'), move the picture around the screen for a closer inspection. Increase or decrease the magnification according to the amount of detail you might want to |