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Understanding Selections: Adding Creativ... > Understanding Selections: Adding Cre... - Pg. 137

Using Selections ­ Controlling Change | Bear in mind that the Options palette has more refining controls for most of the tools mentioned (some already mentioned are accessible through this palette only). Controls include a Tolerance level, Blend mode, Anti-aliasing, Smoothing, Feathering, and Match mode. In addition to the selection tools, PaintShop Photo Pro X3 has a couple of ways to cut out and remove objects from photos. These aren't strictly speaking selection tools; they go beyond mere selection and actually remove parts of the image for you in one single operation. The Object Extractor does exactly what it says: it cuts out part of an image ­ say a person, car, flower, or whatever your subject happens to be ­ removing the background. To use the Object Extractor, select Object Extractor from the Image menu. The Object Extractor opens in its own window, which displays a large image preview, below which are some tools and settings. To use it you select the Brush tool, set an appropriate brush size and paint an outline around the edge of the object you want to cut out. If you make a mistake you can erase with the eraser. When the outline is complete, click inside it with the Fill tool to fill the selected area with a red mask, then click the Process button.