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Technique: Fixing an Overexposed Sky > Technique: Fixing an Overexposed Sky - Pg. 147

Using Selections ­ Controlling Change | STEP 1 Open the photo and copy (duplicate) the Background layer by right- clicking it in the Layers palette and selecting Duplicate. Rename the new layer `Focus'. STEP 2 Choose the Freehand selection tool and decide its selection parameters: `Freehand' works simply by dragging the mouse over the canvas. Its `Edge Seeker' option works as if it has slightly magnetic properties. Use the Smoothing option to make the selection line, well, smoother. `Point to point' draws a straight line from point to point, creating points with each mouse- click, and is ideal for selecting regular objects such as products. The Smart Edge mode drops a wide line over the desired edges and locates the contrast or color differences underneath that line. Draw your selection around the object or person in the picture you have opened. STEP 3 Right-click the `Focus' layer in the Layers palette and select New Mask Layer > Show Selection. This creates a mask layer that covers up the back- ground detail in your `Focus' layer and allows the Background layer to show through. STEP 4 Press Ctrl þ D to select None and click on the Background layer in the