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CHAPTER 6Combining Images - Layersand Masks > Using Adjustment Layers - Pg. 165

Combining Images ­ Layers and Masks | · handle (that's the thicker bit of guideline that appears inside the ruler margin as you move the cursor over it). If you want to change the guide properties, double-click the ruler to open its window or just click the guide handle in the margin to open the Grid, Guide & Snap Properties dialog. This allows you to change its color, position, or existence! Snap to Guides. This function adds tremendous power to the task of aligning multiple layers along a common axis ­ by selecting this option and making sure that, in the Grid, Guide & Snap Properties dialog, the Snap Influence setting is set to more than 1. The effect of this is that if you grab an image layer using the Move tool and drag it towards the guide, it appears to be magnetically attracted to the line. In fact, it `snaps' to the line. Increase this value to increase the magnetic power. You can change any of these settings for the opened document only, or for the default settings. This feature is a real production enhancer. Under the Layers palette we have: · Layer Opacity. All layers have an opacity scale controlled from the Layers palette. The default setting is 100%. Reducing this allows you to see through the layer to whatever lies beneath. Do this to help align specific