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Working with Brush Tools > Working with Brush Tools - Pg. 218

| PaintShop Photo Pro X3 for Photographers Another aspect of real media that these wet brushes emulate is the ability to paint with multiple colors. A real brush might have mostly blue paint on it with a little bit of yellow, producing a smeared blue/green color, and you can simulate this effect with the Oil Brush and Marker tools. There's also a Mixer palette on which you can smear colors around and produce a messy mix of several colors to load on to your brush. When using the Oil Brush or the Palette Knife, the size of the area sampled from the Mixer palette is determined by the brush size setting in the Tool Options palette, so the bigger your brush, the more paint variation you can have. For other Art Media tools, set the sample size using the Mixer palette's Size slider, up and down arrows, or enter in a value with your keyboard. When using the wet painting tools, painting over existing strokes causes them to smear. You can `dry' an Art Media layer, or make it wet again at any time by choosing Layers > Dry Art Media Layer or Layers > Wet Art Media Layer.