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CHAPTER 9Printing > Printing with PaintShop Photo Pro - Pg. 252

| PaintShop Photo Pro X3 for Photographers Removing pixels in this fashion will not affect the picture quality. This 4 Â 6 inch print will be indistinguishable from one printed at 512 ppi, but you'll have it in your hand much sooner. But what if you change your mind and decide that an A3-sized print would look pretty cool after all (assuming you're lucky enough to own an A3 color inkjet printer)? Upsampling Open the Resize dialog box once more. (In PaintShop Photo Pro XI and earlier, when you open the Resize dialog, it applies the last-used settings to the current image. To get back to the current image size select Percent in the Pixel Dimensions units pull-down menu and enter 100 in the Width field.) Make sure the `Resample using' box is still checked and enter the original pixel width of 2592 in the Width field (the Height box will automatically increase to 3888). Click OK and PaintShop Photo Pro will upsample the image, taking us back to where we started, right? Wrong! Take a look at the new image and you'll notice it's not quite as sharp as it was to begin with. PaintShop Photo Pro has added new pixels in between the existing ones to bring the image up to size. The values of these new pixels are based on those of neighboring ones using a process called `interpolation'. Interpolated pixels are OK if you're in a fix, like you need to make a large print from a small digital file, but they are no substitute for the real thing. So, you can take pixels out of a digital photo with no loss of quality, and this can help speed up printing, but you can't put them back without things starting to look mushy. What are the implications of this for storing and printing your digital pictures? If you follow one simple rule you won't go wrong. Always keep a full-sized original copy of your digital photos backed up on removable media (i.e. CD or DVD). Then you can downsample your images for printing, emailing, uploading to the Web or whatever, but if you need to make a full-sized print that requires the maximum image resolution you'll always have the original to fall back on. Printing with PaintShop Photo Pro Having opened the picture, make sure that the quality is the best possible and choose Print Layout from the File menu. The Print Layout dialog shows the files selected for printing in the left margin. Click Open Template to view your options. The default template group is Avery. This group has over 50 templates that cover most everyday options, but you can also make your own and save them in the template library (File > Save Template). 252