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CHAPTER 2 Basic Sequencing Techniques > 2.1 Introduction - Pg. 59

CHAPTER Basic Sequencing Techniques 2 2.1 IntrODuCtIOn Now that you have designed and set up your studio, it is time to start sequencing. If you read carefully the preceding discussion on studio setup, you should be familiar already with the equipment you are going to use in the following pages. In this chapter you start learning the concepts of sequencing. Let me be very clear from the beginning: sequencing is a lot of fun! Making music while having almost no limi- tations in terms of instruments, sound palette, editing features, and effects is an amazing experience; at the same time, it can be a bit overwhelming if not approached systematically and with organization. You are going to learn how to set up a sequencing session from different points of view in order to minimize the problems and maximize the fun of writing and producing your own music. In the first part of this chapter you learn how a sequencer works. How you organize your session is crucial in order to have a smooth sequencing experience. We will go through all the necessary steps to