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CHAPTER 10. Audio for Video > 10.16 Boundary or PZM Microphone - Pg. 245

Audio for Video CHAPTER 10 10.16 BOUNDARY OR PzM MICROPHONE the boundary microphone and pressure zone micro- phone (PZm) are low-profile mics that can be used to capture audio from talent that is six or more feet away and do not produce the hol- low sound of a hanging handheld mic (figure 10.16). Although the pickup technology is very different, these two mics are used similarly. these microphones are especially good for dra- matic productions where microphones should not be seen (they can be adhered to the back of set pieces). they are also good for stage perfor- mances of large groups. they can be hung from the ceiling, set on a floor, or adhered to furni- ture. the pickup distance can be increased by mounting these mics on a hard surface. 245 FIGURE 10.16 The boundary microphone is a low-profile mic that can pick up accurate sounds from six or more feet away.