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CHAPTER 10. Audio for Video > 10.29 Anticipation - Pg. 255

Audio for Video CHAPTER 10 shots do not match. they can serve as a bridge to disguise when silent and sound shots are edited together. 255 10.29 ANTICIPATION Anticipation comes with experience. when something goes wrong, learn from it and prepare better next time. there are a number of ways to anticipate audio challenges: Preparation n n n check through the script or preplanning paperwork, and then pull together the appropriate equipment so that every audio situation in the production can be covered. check prerecorded audio inserts before the show. make sure that each one is appropriate. is the duration too long or too short? is the quality satisfac- tory? is the insert material arranged in the order in which it is to be used? check all of the equipment to make sure that it is working correctly. don't rely on the notion that it was okay yesterday. if additional plug-in equip- ment is being used, such as a portable audio mixer, have someone fade up