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CHAPTER 10. Audio for Video > 10.6 Surround Sound - Pg. 235

Audio for Video CHAPTER 10 235 FIRST SURROUND SOUND Disney introduced surround sound to the cinemas with the movie Fantasia, released in 1940. Three channels were used behind the theater screen, with three additional speakers used on either side and at the rear. However, implementing this system was extremely expensive, and the system was used in only two theaters. 10.6 SURROUND SOUND surround sound can provide a sense of envelopment when mixed correctly. instead of the one channel for mono or two channels for stereo, 5.1 surround has six discrete (distinct, individual) channels: left front, right front (some- times called stereo left and right), center, a subwoofer for low-frequency effects (lfe), left rear, and right rear speakers (sometimes called surround left and right). to present the feeling of depth, direction, and realism, audio person- nel pan between the five main channels and route effects to the lfe channel (figure 10.4).